What comes to your mind when you hear “sports acupuncture”?.

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Sports Acupuncture

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Date.September 17, 2018 Category. blog Views.93 Comments.0

A relatively new practice here in Canada, has been known and widely practiced in the USA for several years! Only a handfull of acupuncturists in Vancouver area practice this particular method or carry this great specialty also known as “Sports Medicine Acupuncture®”… Is it Sports Medicine or is it Acupuncture ? well the easy answer is that in practice it’s both! Taking assessment and treatment methods from Sports Medicine and combining it with the holistic approach of Acupuncture, we practically have the best of both worlds. Sports Medicine allows us to assess the physiology and anatomical structures and their functions or malfunctions. On the other hand Chinese Medicine’s holistic theories allow us to assess the organs and their pathologies affecting the general functions of the body, hence the overal underlying causes as well as the external manifestations on the body.